Believing we have a duty to
deliver loyalty & discretion.
Your business and personal matters will remain confidential before-during - and post service.
Where legally possible, we will always maintain the utmost respect for your privacy.


Conducting our service with the
client's expectations at the
forefront of our investigation.
Our investigator continually enhances his skill-set within a variety of environments whilst utilising the most effective equipment.
Whether your needs be undercover or overt operations - we can deliver where possible.
We strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998/2018 and the Investigatory Powers Act 2016.


Never wavering whilst always remembering our objective.
Our investigator will never guarantee a 100% success rate as elements and unforeseen circumstances will always remain a possibility however, we can assure our continual dedication to any undertaken project.


Here are the main behaviors that reveal if someone has the kind of integrity you may want from your service provider.
  • 1. Taking responsibility for their actions. Integrity is all about having a high level of honesty. When someone takes responsibility for their actions.
  • 2. Putting others’ needs above their own.
  • 3. Offering to help others in need.
  • 4. Giving others the benefit of the doubt.
  • 5. Choosing honesty in all things.


Resolving issues in the most challenging circumstances.
To enhance our reputation for effective investigative process, we will always ensure that any intelligence gathered can be utilised by our client, in a court of law as evidence.
There is negative value to incurring considerable expense through the hiring of an investigator, when you cannot use the information gathered due to the methods employed to obtain evidential material.
On occasion we are considered an expensive option however, please be assured - we are value for money!


We aim to be a service provider that can be approached about any investigative scenario.
If we can be helpful - "great" - if we are unable to assist, the potential client can be assured of complete confidentiality at all times.
We will explain our position and then, without judgement, discuss the positive and negative elements of the potential client's requirements before committing to service.