Our Moto:                        "Never Judge A Book By It's Cover"
one shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone.

Globe- Sec Consultancy is the trading name of Alexander McCallum API.

Alexander retains the title "Advanced Professional Investigator" (API) to compliment his  twenty-six-years of specialist managerial and investigative experience, within a number of corporate sectors where, he provided countermeasure-controls during assignments involving various scenarios of serious criminal activity. He also investigates, commercial and high-value private disputes. 

Alexander and supporting personnel are adequately equipped to deliver a most competent service.   

Associated investigators and other supporting professionals are stringently vetted to ensure each retain our minimum, requirement of certification - "IQ level 3" - Advanced Professional Investigator certification. Professionals from other sectors in a supporting role, are required to retain industry related qualifications to compliment their professional skills. This, we believe enables us to deliver a powerful service to our clients.                

The experience retained by Globe-Sec Consultancy is substantial and current. As a forward thinking company we believe we harness the qualities of a valuable service provider. This enables us to professionally support our clients’ ambitions and continued success.

Alexander excels whilst investigating High-Value commercial and personal cases and prides himself on his return-business success