Our Moto:                     
  "Never Judge A Book By It's Cover"
one shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone.

Globe- Sec Consultancy is the trading name of Alexander McCallum API.

Alexander retains the title "Advanced Professional Investigator" (API) to compliment his  twenty-six-years of specialist managerial and investigative experience, within a number of corporate sectors where, he provides countermeasure-controls during assignments involving various scenarios of serious criminal activity. He also investigates, Commercial and Premium Private disputes. 

Alexander and supporting personnel are adequately equipped to deliver a most competent service.   

Associated investigators and other supporting professionals are stringently vetted to ensure each retain our minimum, requirement of certification  "IQ level 3"  This is an Advanced Professional Investigator certification. Professionals from other sectors in a supporting role, are required to retain industry related qualifications to compliment their professional skills. This, we believe enables us to deliver a most effective service to our clients.                

The experience retained by Globe-Sec Consultancy is substantial and current. As a forward thinking company we believe we harness the qualities of a valuable service provider, enabling us to professionally support our clients’ ambitions and continued success.

Alexander excels whilst investigating Premium Commercial and Premium Domestic cases. He is also proud of the regular return-business from his client base.