As service providers, we aim to be the most reliable and one of the most successful within our chosen field of expertise. Retaining clients confidence and belief whilst, developing a successful business relationship is, paramount to our long-term ambitions.

Professional Misconduct 

This service can provide
employers with the evidence
required to undertake disciplinary

Service provision
United Kingdom & International

Applicant Assessment Reports

There is always a possibility for
error when, employers engage the
services of a person who conducts
their lifestyle in a manner that
could provoke a case of blackmail
or intimidation. We can assist to
ensure any possible candidate is
not vulnerable to adverse actions.

Service provision
United Kingdom & International

Specialist Assignments

Confidential enquiries are one of our specialist services.
Whatever the theatre, we can deliver a professional investigative result.

Service provision
United Kingdom & International

Injury Claims

We can assist the authenticity of an injury claim so that companies can make an informed decision.

Service provision United Kingdom & International

Criminal Defence

Accusations of criminal actions can prove to be very costly in terms of public perception and industry relations so we can provide investigative assistance to identify the facts.

Service provision United Kingdom & International