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Providing service to the General Public is one of our most exciting and challenging opportunities. We understand the importance of professionalism and empathy whilst dealing with domestic disputes or family anxieties. Our service is delivered whilst adhering to the strictest confidentiality procedures.

Data Protection Act 1998: We comply with the terms and conditions as set out in this act. 

Service Categories: Matrimonial Disputes - Tracing Missing Persons - Criminal Defence Investigations - Background Checks - Other categories considered   


We understand that our clients often work to a set budget when requesting our service. However, not everyone who requests our service fully understands why, we as service providers, request Full Payment in advance of any assignments. The full payment also serves as strong cashflow throughout the investigative process, (known as expenses) and enables thee investigator to plan and execute the service provided within the client's financial guidelines. The client sets a limit of expenditure, allowing the investigator to proceed with the completion of the task. 

We apologise for any inconvenience to any potential clients who feel our "advanced payment" policy is not suitable. "Let's talk anyway and hopefully we can arrange a good working agreement"

We accept all Major Credit Card/ Debit Card payment procedures.

We also accept Bank Transfer/Same Day