How to Secure Our Service

When you request our service, you should be aware that we, as investigators conduct a pre-assignment review. We will conduct the following checks:
  • The residential details of the "potential client" 
  • Social media relating to the potential client
This will ensure we are conducting investigative procedures on behalf of a "fit-and-proper-person". 
As an investigative service, we must ensure that we are not unwittingly conducting procedures that may aid and abet any criminal activity. 
Where required, we will conduct services inline with the terms and conditions of a "Service Contract"
The Steps
  1. We will hold a telephone/video call with the potential client
  2. If the potential client wishes to continue to the "Purchase Service" stage - the investigator will send an email to the potential client describing the informational contents of the telephone/video call and the category of service the potential client has requested.
  3. If the potential client agrees with the content of the email, the potential client should send a reply stating "Please engage"
  4. The investigator will reply by sending an invoice for payment-in-advance as agreed between the Investigator and the potential client
  5. When payment has been received by the investigator - the investigator - will send a confirming email to the client. The investigator will confirm the starting date and date of completion or next stage review.
Note: It is important that any potential client understands that, the beginning of service includes any pre-assignment review. This can take up to 48 hours.