Information Notice

When hiring our investigative service you must be aware of two important factors. These are:
1. An investigator should not provide a 100% success guarantee. No assignment is ever certain to be successful, regardless of the investigator's level of expertise. A large percentage of assignments do conclude, precisely how they are planned. However, many "do not."
This is due to various unexpected or unplanned elements interfering with complete or partial success. Please be aware of this when engaging the services of our Investigator.
2. Our "payment-in-advance" policy is in place to protect our investigators against non-payment for services.
We aim to provide a trust-building relationship between the investigator and the client. We commit to provide a professional, legal and honourable service - one that is legally answerable for any failures. We will refund as required and offer additional service support where our investigator has failed to achieve as stated in any pre-assignment agreement. In the case of no pre-assignment agreement, we will always endeavour to treat any disputes fairly and honourably.
A professional and successful service depends upon excellent planning and understanding of environments so, we prepare diligently for all assignments. This incurs costs.
Dependent upon the level of service required, we may be able to consider a discounted service however, as a rule we do not offer discount as a regular practice. We gain repeat business through excellent service and this is how we intend to continue. The client deserves the best possible results for their financial investment.
We believe our service is "Value-for-Money"