Note: We do not provide photographic images of our company personnel.

The founder of Globe-Sec Consultancy is Alexander McCallum API. He retains twenty-six years of specialist managerial experience, counteracting serious forms of crime and unprofessional conduct within the corporate sector  whilst successfully investigating other categories within the private sector.

All investigators are stringently vetted and posses our minimum required certification of IQ level 3 Advanced Professional Investigator standard to compliment their extensive corporate and Investigative experience.

This, we believe delivers a powerful service to our clients.


Corporate: Corporate Diligence, Professional Misconduct, Corporate Fraud, Theft, Criminal Intent, Personnel Vetting, Background Checks.

Private Investigations: Domestic Disputes - Tracing Missing Persons - Specialist Projects.

The experience retained by Globe-Sec Consultancy is substantial and current. As a forward thinking company we believe we harness the qualities of a valuable external service provider, in a way that will support our clients’ ambitions and continued success.

  • As Part of our compliance policy, our personnel retains a current Basic Disclosure certificate issued under section 12 of the Police Act 1997
  • DATA PROTECTION: Our personnel are certificated as data controllers through registration with the Information Commissioner's Office, in compliance with the Police Act 1997.