It is vital for the business community, to have a strong and professional service provider who can be trusted to conduct duties with integrity and complete confidentiality. We at Globe-Sec Consultancy are trustworthy and instilled with professional integrity.

As Investigators we understand the business community whilst utilising our twenty-six years of managerial experience to deliver an exceptionally effective service.


Personnel Vetting is a valuable service that can ensure the suitability of candidates, in contention for promotion or a new applicant wishing to join your company. This ensures the candidate is not placing the company or themselves in a position that could harm the future productivity of both parties.

Professional Misconduct can be most difficult to establish so we utilise our experience and expertise to develop evidence that can aid a company in the process of protecting its business and employees.

Criminal Investigations We undertake a number of investigate duties within this category.

  • We also provide a High-Value asset protection service.
  • We accept International Assignments