As Certified Advanced Professional Investigators, we are proud of our practically and personally gained experience. Our commercial management service within the corporate sector facilitates a detailed understanding of competitive trading, thus delivering an edge when investigating matters of a corporate nature. 

We have an extensive history of investigation and crime management.  

DATA PROTECTION : Our personnel are certified as data controllers through registration with the Information Commissioner's Office, in compliance with the Police Act 1997.

 We accept instruction on specialist International projects;

  • Tracing
  • Criminal Defence
  • Process Serving
  • Asset Location 

Investigative Services:


Candidate & Personnel Vetting - is a vital service for business leaders wishing to know the true value of an applicant whilst ensuring their previous conduct and professional practice is beyond reproach.

Company Policy Breaches -  is something that happens often without the knowledge of key personnel. Intermediate testing can substantially counteract any intended adverse behaviour of employees or external service providers. 

Licensing Disputes - can escalate cost at an alarming rate so we provide a service using our expert and extensive experience to investigate and provide evidence that may be missed. Using our in-depth knowledge we are able to piece together a  forward moving path or recognise future critical issues.

Insurance Disputes - is investigated on behalf of the Insurer or the claimant.

Missing Persons - investigation is often a very sensitive process so we ensure we are on-point to deliver an efficient service with compassion and strength.

Witness Statements - Road Traffic Accidents - Criminal Defence - Private Prosecution

Private Investigations - Missing Persons - Family Disputes - Theft - Fraud - Cold-Case-Reviews

Specialist Services:

Surveillance - Counter Surveillance - Process Serving - Witness Safety