Service During Covid-19 Restrictions

The current pandemic and the restrictions that are in place worldwide - at times, make it difficult to offer a preferred personal service to our clients.  However, we
are striving to support current and future clients with a continued highly-effective-service. Occasionally, we may now be required to complete service in "pre-agreement" stages due to the current restrictions placed upon the service we deliver. Please be assured we will continually place our client's best interest at the heart of our procedures.
Billing Procedures: In order to assist our clients in the current financial climate, we now present billing in tandem with any agreed staging procedures so-as-to minimise costing over any prolonged case completion.
Globe-Sec Consultancy will always strive to protect the welfare and wellbeing of our clients. Our aim is to keep people safe and so, Covid-19 is one such scenario that, requires serious consideration and respect, in terms of the harm it can cause.
Thank you for your continued interest.